What is the flash pro platform?

Flash pro platform it's a standardized professional software for all S.D.M.® automatic flash point analyzers with many new features !

What is the flash pro platform?

Postby webmaster » Wed Sep 23, 2015 3:32 pm

The flash pro platform is an advanced flash point software used by S.D.M.® in all automatic flash point analyzers.
The software is capable of performing all International standards based on the analyzer. It also has some unique features like custom test that permits the user to perform a custom normal test, an equilibrium test or a flash - no flash test on any of the automatic flash point analyzers; another feature is that all automatic flash point analyzers have the capability to perform tests for C.R.M.(certified reference material) with single or multiple tests along with repeatability and standard deviation for up to 5 multiple tests; another feature of the software is that is capable of test profiling witch profile the test parameters into up to 100 test profiles with the ability to edit, delete create or use of them for a better manipulation; another unique feature is the software is capable to perform analysis of the flash flame with live trend.
In order to receive more information about the software and any type of automatic flash point analyzer fell free to contact us directly from our website http://www.sdmtorino.com.

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